When school’s out, so should asbestos

When we think of our children and the school's we send them to, we want them to go to a school that has a long-standing reputation for excellence and has been an established school for a longer period.

Many children end up going to school’s that the parents themselves went to, however with that consideration also comes a thought of how long that school has been around, and what it was made out of.

Naturally, many long-standing schools were built back towards the 1940-70s utilising very different building products than we see utilised today, with asbestos being higher risk in these older buildings due to its design in insulation, roofing, floor tiles and even in blackboard backing.

Lurking dangers

First of all, don’t fret - asbestos utilised in design does not mean that they are a recurring threat to children.  Asbestos is not a hazard unless it is disturbed by repairs or other interferences. 

However, there are always risks like any other building of asbestos being disturbed whenever children are not in school. Vandalism of schools during the night time or holidays is always a high risk. Also, there are instances of fires or electrical failings that can lead to damage. In these older buildings, instances such as these can release the fibres into the air.

It is also possible that deteriorating parts of the building can increase the chances of it becoming a hazard. Any small handiwork done such as drilling or replacing old tiles could lead to fibres being released into the air and ingest by parties, including children.

Professional assistance needed

Every kind of building requires renovation and repair work, and schools are always in need of fixings to older parts of the building as the years pass by.

If a much older school has a lineage back before the 1990s there is every high possibility that asbestos was used in many different areas and runs a higher risk of exposure from deterioration. This is not an area that a simple site caretaker can fix effectively and would require the work of a specialist in asbestos removal in South Manchester.

As Manchester and the surrounding areas have a higher number of older school buildings, it becomes necessary to consider the importance of professional asbestos services business to protect staff and students from decades-old threats that can be presented by today's risks.

It is imperative that the asbestos testing and removal be done safely away from staff and students, which makes summer holidays and half-term breaks a great time for schools to make a move to securing the ongoing safety of students nationwide.

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