Asbestos surveying for demolition or refurbishment works in commercial premises and housing

Asbestos is still considered one of the greatest hazards faced with any form of work that will affect the structure of a building that is a pre-2000 property. Prior to works commencing a professional asbestos services team should be employed to perform a site asbestos survey before any work is carried out.

As both domestic and commercial buildings may have had various amounts of work over the years to bring them up to standard, there are instances where asbestos testing will be required if any further alterations are planned. The original structure and the historical alterations may contain asbestos products in various locations and for various purposes and these need identifying so they are not disturbed during renovations. These surveys should be completed well in advance of any site alteration works commencing.

Asbestos surveys can be extensive or they can be localised to certain areas of a building. A discussion with a professional asbestos services team can guide this process and can advise on the extent and best steps to ensure your project has the correct asbestos survey for the works proposed.


If an older building is scheduled for demolition, it is essential that a demolition asbestos survey is completed before works commence on site. This type of survey will identify all asbestos present within the structure. It is an intrusive assessment and will assess voids and cavities that are not normally accessible. You may feel you have an asbestos survey in place but is it the correct type for the demolition works planned? Further discussions on the extent of the works may be needed with the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions to ensure you are legally and safety covered for the works proposed.

Demolition crews can be exposed to asbestos if correct planning and surveying is not completed. To combat this, asbestos surveying & testing and asbestos removal should be carried out by a professional company before any demolition commences.


Many older buildings can be purchased these days as a unique fixer-upper, having fallen into disrepair which requires a lot of investment into fixing back into shape.

Whilst many people see this as a great opportunity to have a great side project that they can one day call their dream home, hidden within will no doubt be a majority of asbestos products that can become a hazard and put halt to your plans. If the property you purchase has not had a recent asbestos survey by professional asbestos services then you may be in for a much bigger risk than you anticipate. An asbestos survey will need to be completed to determine its presence and condition, highlighting its need to be contained or removed completely.

This is not a process anybody can undertake to save some money, trained and competent businesses, like Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions, should be contacted to complete the required asbestos survey works.


As with restoring an old house, adding extra elements to your existing house also would require the services of an expert body in asbestos surveying and removal

For houses that pre-date 2000, elements of asbestos can still be present within walls, floors and ceilings. Chances are they are contained and in a safe condition, but they run the risk of being disturbed when you undertake plans to add extra elements to your houses - such as an extension.

A refurbishment asbestos survey would be needed to assess where alterations are planned to the existing structure. For example, if an extension is being added to your property, the areas where the old structure is broken out would need assessing to ensure there are no ‘hidden’ asbestos installations. This type of survey can be tailored to the areas affected only. This reduces the impact of the survey on the existing house.

For any form of work that you are planning to undertake on an older property, you must seek specialists in asbestos surveying and removal in Manchester to ensure your plans are completed safely and you have the correct and accurate survey in place.

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