Intrusive or non-Intrusive: What is the difference in asbestos surveys?

For those not common with the terminology or process when it comes to asbestos surveys, it can be quite confusing about which kind of survey is required for a specific job. Which may lead you to asking the question, ‘what are the different types of asbestos surveys?’.

Homeowners, business owners and landlords will more likely have their thoughts and eyes on timeframes and budgets, especially focusing on the potential for damage that could end up being costly. Some may be aware of the term 'intrusive' when it comes to an asbestos survey, but that does not mean they are fully aware of the differences between an asbestos management survey and one that focuses on refurbishment/demolition.

Breaking down the asbestos survey types

So, you’ve been wondering, what are the different types of asbestos surveys? In looking at both types of asbestos surveys, they are both designed to locate and identify the type, extent and condition of ACMs that exist within pre-2000 buildings, whether that is commercial or residential.

Also, they are both designed to outline the action required to be carried out, be that complete asbestos removal, or securing the material under a detailed asbestos management plan. The differences are as follows:

An asbestos management survey is a standard inspection that covers the accessible parts of a property and is undertaken for day-to-day occupancy or for minor maintenance and repair work. Any non-domestic property that has been built before 2000 is required to undergo this survey as a minimum via the regulations in place. This is considered a non-intrusive survey. Samples of any materials would be collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis which will confirm the presence of asbestos and the type of fibre.

Asbestos refurbishment/demolition surveys are applied to properties before the onset of any renovations, demolitions or fitting work can be completed. This work may also involve a combination of both survey types in some situations.

Like the other survey type, this survey one affects all properties built before 2000 regardless of size. Unlike the asbestos management survey, the refurbishment/demolition survey is highly intrusive and requires being undertaken when the property in question is ideally vacant. This survey will have higher instances of the fabric being disturbed and damaged due to the robustness of the inspection to gain access into the fabric of the building to identify ‘hidden’ asbestos.

Experience required

Regardless of the type of survey, they are required to be carried out by a professional in asbestos removal

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