New Year Renovation Plans

Typically, when people move into a new home, it may be a home that has been around for over 20 years and has seen a variety of owners.

You may already have plans to renovate the property to make it more modern or extend the property within the new year, and the age of the property will play a factor in how safe it is to do that.

Asbestos Risk

As you may know, asbestos was banned in the UK as a building material in 1999 due to the hazardous health risks it posed when disturbed.

The microscopic fibres, whilst invisible to the naked eye, caused a myriad of health problems ranging from lung disease to cancers when breathed in unknowingly. All homes built from 2000 onwards were protected from this dangerous material, whilst older homes still had traced in everything from walls, ceilings, loft insulation and paints that were used to build a home.

Its relative cheapness in cost saw it once as a revolutionary material for the construction industry, long before the hazards of its use was made aware of. Whilst many homes have gone down the route of completing asbestos removal in South Manchester, many others have had their asbestos contained in an undisturbed state.

Naturally, if this is then disturbed in a home renovation by yourself, you not only pose a significant risk to yourself and your family but also anyone within the vicinity who can breathe in this dangerous material.

Steps to Take

Before any significant work is done on the property, a professional asbestos survey should be completed. In most cases, you will have been advised of any potential asbestos-containing materials when purchasing the home, but before you pick up any tools to start the work you should contact the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions for guidance on the safe steps to take.

If asbestos testing shows that it can be either treated or removed, it does require that a certified professional do the work required - otherwise, you are left in a position where you can be prosecuted for careless and risk-inducing work being carried out. This can result in heavy fines or imprisonment for releasing extremely harmful fibres into the breathable air.

If your new year plan is to make your home more modern or extended, do the right thing and contact the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions today for guidance.


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