Why asbestos removal requires a professional

Whilst it is very clear that asbestos requires removal from any structure where it is has become damaged or is in the way of a renovation / refurbishment project, it also may not be fully clear who can remove asbestos and why a trained professional is required to carry out the work versus an untrained individual due to the risks involved.

When it comes to the safe and exact process of asbestos removal, certain protocols have to be enforced by a professional in asbestos services to make sure no one is affected by this highly hazardous material.

Control measures

When undertaking the removal of asbestos within a building or property, a professional service will have taken into consideration the safety of the public and measures to ensure any asbestos fibres are not released into the surrounding areas.

To achieve this level of safety, professionals will utilise a number of control measures in order to reduce any potential exposure to asbestos and also to stop the spread of asbestos fibre.  To achieve this, one piece of specialist equipment that is used is a Type H vacuum, specifically designed to be used in removing asbestos safely and preventing harmful fibres from breaking off into the air in the process. Ordinary household vacuums are not equipped for the task at hand and should never be used in the situation of removing asbestos.

There are many ways that asbestos fibre levels are minimised and these are explained during an asbestos removal training course which are then put into practice during professional removal works.

Ensuring safe distance for residents

If the building is occupied, such as an office, house or shared residence, it becomes a necessity to relocate all individuals to an area that is a safe distance from the asbestos encountered. This will be necessary before any work is undertaken.

In addition, the section of the building where the work is to be undertaken will normally require sealing off from the rest of the property to minimise the chances of any fibres escaping the area. This is a factor that specialists in asbestos removal in South Manchester always have in mind when developing their strategy for a safer environment.

Proper disposal of hazardous waste materials

When it comes to the disposal of hazardous waste from asbestos removal, it should never be left to any residents or building owners to take care of. A professional service adheres to all health and safety laws, using experience and expertise relating to the safe disposal of the waste material.

As asbestos is deemed a high health risk to the public upon being disturbed and removed, there are financial and legal penalties for anyone disposing of it improperly. There is no scale of lenience in the law when it comes to providing threat from asbestos, including if you are improperly educated towards its safe removal and disposal. Professional asbestos services adhere to regulations and laws set in place for the safe disposal of hazardous material so that you have peace of mind and no risk of legalities.

All asbestos must be disposed of in a secure and approved landfill in specially labelled waste bags. It is not something you can put in a household bin bag and throw into a hired skip.

When it comes to material testing and safe asbestos removal in South Manchester, contact the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions, who can remove asbestos professionally and are highly trained in handling this material.


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