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How to Dispose of Asbestos Properly

When encountering asbestos, it generally tends to be within parts of a property like ceiling tiles, floor tiles, pipe insulation and cement sheets installed between the 1950s until the 1990s. The discovery that the dangerous fibres in asbestos containing material cause fatal lung diseases from inhalation led to its banning in use in 1999. As asbestos products come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, it can be very hard to identify them due to the manufacturing process used and the variety of uses.

Surveys are the only way to identify asbestos products correctly. Once discovered, asbestos needs to be disposed of professionally and properly by an asbestos removal services business.

The Proper Method

Undoubtedly the safest and proper way to dispose of asbestos is to use a company that specialises in asbestos removal South Manchester.

As a particularly dangerous material, it will require an asbestos survey Manchester to ensure you and your family remain safe. Asbestos qualifies as a hazardous/special waste that requires specialist removal. This will require double bagging and containment from any party, including anything that has been in contact with the material.

Asbestos waste cannot be discarded with regular household waste and should be labelled with a warning. Large asbestos sheets should never be broken up; instead, they need to be specially wrapped whole where possible in polythene sheeting and correctly labelled. If your asbestos is not clearly wrapped securely and labelled clearly then you and your family are still at risk, as well as anyone who should stumble across it.

Professional Service

Asbestos is a major contributor to cancer risk due to its carcinogenic material and the fibres finding their way into your lungs are very damaging in a number of ways.

Asbestos is not a momentary thing as the fibres remain in the air for a long time if not properly treated by professionals with the capacity to perform asbestos removal Manchester. Having a certified, trained professional ensures that all regulations are adhered to and all elements of testing are successfully implemented in the treatment and removal of asbestos containing material in the home or place of work.

Removal of asbestos is not simple, but how it can affect your health is. This is why having a professional complete asbestos works is a solid investment in your health and safety.

If you require and asbestos removal company, call the professionals at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions so that material waste is handled with care.

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