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Commercial Surveying

If you are the owner of a commercial property or are on the lookout to buy one, you are responsible for the management of asbestos within that property and responsible for if a commercial asbestos survey is needed.

To determine the presence of asbestos, an asbestos survey Manchester is something that is required to be carried out by a professional asbestos services company. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 details the responsibilities of the management of asbestos in any property that is in a non-domestic setting. These regulations were established to protect people from a multitude of asbestos-related health risks and diseases and to prevent the spread and exposure of asbestos within buildings.

These risks can be greatly minimised if asbestos is maintained in good condition, undisturbed and under a clear asbestos management plan.

Checking responsibility

Depending on if your ownership is contract or lease, you will need to know who is responsible for the asbestos within the property. If you are servicing a non-domestic property, then it falls onto the owner of the property to undertake.

The responsibility of undertaking the survey should be handled by a professional only, as the asbestos-containing materials could be damaged and you pose the risk of disturbing them and releasing hazardous fibres. A qualified specialist can complete the survey whilst keeping everyone in the vicinity safe.


All potential asbestos risks must be identified when carrying out a commercial survey, keeping in line with all health and safety regulations, to protect all people visiting the property.

Asbestos services contractors can fully inspect all areas of the property for materials containing asbestos and provide a fully comprehensive report on its condition and action to be taken.

Most of the time, asbestos is not visible to the naked eye which is why specialist training is required to accurately identify the materials. There is a multitude of locations where asbestos products could be identified and in areas where you wouldn’t normally suspect it. Upon discovering where the asbestos is present, an asbestos surveyor will sample and undertake asbestos testing to confirm its asbestos content and therefore report on its risk.

Aware and Repair

Removal of asbestos in a commercial property needs to be completed by a specialist in asbestos removal Manchester to ensure safety for the building occupants. If you are planning to sell the property, you are obligated to inform any potential buyers of all information on asbestos within the property. If any work is being planned on the property, you are also responsible to inform any builders or contractors about the presence and condition of the asbestos, including presenting them with a copy of your risk assessment present on site.

If a commercial asbestos survey is not carried out and the asbestos-containing materials are not properly managed, you are susceptible to heavy fines or imprisonment for upwards of 12 months if found to be in breach of the asbestos regulations.

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