Asbestos Management in Listed Properties

There is the question over whether there are asbestos hazards in listed buildings due to many of them that pre-date the industry spread use of the material in construction. However, whilst many listed or heritage buildings may pre-date the use of these materials in their conception, due to the ban of asbestos use in construction in 1999, over the centuries since there will no doubt have been subject to some forms of work or renovation that would have had elements that could have contained the material. Now you may be wondering how to safely remove asbestos? We will explain within this article.


Over the centuries, heritage buildings will have been subject to several modern upgrades such as central heating systems and electricity being supplied. This would mean that large numbers of old properties will have had asbestos containing material implemented as part of the modernising of the building.

Aspects such as updated fire protection, structural alterations and refurbishment that will have taken place before 1999 will most probably have elements of asbestos in its design, which means that the same amount of care and consideration will need to be taken when inspecting, repairing or demolishing around the area.

Working in Cooperation

Disturbed asbestos within a heritage site not only offers long term health risk to people who live or work within them but also towards visitors or people who would tour them. Therefore, any work in asbestos testing and removal not only has to be undertaken by certified professional asbestos removal company, but also in cooperation with officials to ensure no conflict arises between the removal of the material and the conservation of the site.

When working on historical sites, asbestos removal Manchester can only be undertaken after consultation with the client and conservation officers so that all implications of the work are discussed in the full agreement between all parties.

Heritage sites offer a more complex way of working to ensure that the site retains its historical appeal, which requires a specialist in asbestos removal South Manchester that has the right experience, qualifications, accreditation and insurance to provide the level of work needed for these special cultural attractions.

Considerations for Listed Buildings

When looking at heritage buildings it is important to provide a history of the work that has been undertaken on the building throughout its history for the relevant party undertaking the asbestos testing and asbestos survey Manchester.

As listed buildings tend to have a variety of higher ceilings, confined spaces and a majority of hidden areas, many extra considerations need to be made. Whilst the overall concern is about the care to the site in question, the consideration of safely and professionally removed asbestos is just as vital.

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