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Why you should not remove asbestos yourself

The question many ask themselves in order to cut costs down is, can I undertake the removal of asbestos myself?

As everyone should be well aware, asbestos has been banned from use in the UK. Its incredibly hazardous fibres in a variety of forms resulted in the construction industry having to abandon its long relationship with the material.

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of legal obligations and complexities for building owners who discover present asbestos within their property. In properties built before 2000, asbestos still has a very high potential to be within fixtures, insulations and products used in construction such as tiles and panels.

If you live within a property or manage a building that pre-dates the banning of the material, it is important to have an asbestos survey Manchester undertaken by professional in asbestos removal Manchester to determine the type, condition and hazards of any asbestos present.

Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, those who own or are responsible for non-domestic buildings are legally obligated to ensure that the asbestos held within the structure is in a safe and managed condition. This ensures the safety of individuals who use, occupy or live within the building.

The people with the responsibility of managing the building have the duty of care, under UK law, to those who live, work or have other business within the building. This means ensuring that precautions and measures are put in place to limit asbestos exposure. This can be regular condition inspections (re-inspection) or completing remedial measures to make the asbestos safe.

Homeowner responsibility

Residential properties differ as there is no specific legal duty of care for a homeowner towards asbestos. If you hire a person to undertake work on your premises, you do not have a legal obligation to protect them against asbestos exposure – this is an area that should be managed by the individual undertaking the work.

Homeowners should have a strong motivation for personal safety towards themselves and their families in ensuring they are not exposed to asbestos, and this would fall into having professional asbestos testing done by a qualified asbestos removal company before planning any work on the home.

Asbestos survey

As a homeowner, if you believed that asbestos has been discovered or disturbed within your older property, an asbestos survey will always be the first course of action to be taken.

Unlike non-residential properties, which are legally required, an asbestos survey Manchester for domestic properties is an advisable step. The survey involves the proper testing of all kinds of asbestos present to identify its condition and type, which is then disclosed to everyone who might be at risk of exposure.

The survey provides the location and condition to those who stand to be at risk of it, and what steps are required to contain or remove it fully.

Can I undertake the removal of asbestos myself? If the asbestos needs to be removed, it requires doing so by asbestos removal South Manchester, with the training and experience to do so safely and legally.

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