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Removing asbestos and your legal obligations

Who is responsible for asbestos removal? If you are the owner of a non-residential property, you are the person with a legal obligation with regards to asbestos and its management within the property (asbestos duty holder role).
These rulings were set out by the Control Of Asbestos At Work Regulations 2012 to present owners of non-residential properties with a duty of care to anybody using the building to protect against the dangers of asbestos and any potential exposure to building users or maintenance staff.

With asbestos being used in the construction of buildings, until its use was banned in 1999, many older buildings still contain very large amounts of hazardous material through various parts of the building. If these materials become disturbed through construction, demolition, or extension works, asbestos fibres released into the air can be breathed into the lungs and provide various health issues ranging from asbestos-related cancers to death.

Your first steps in managing asbestos

If you believe asbestos to be present in your property it is important to take action as soon as possible, and contact a specialist in asbestos removal South Manchester.

Around 1.5 million properties throughout the UK still house asbestos in varying capacity, many of them being commercial or industrial buildings. The responsibility to mitigate the risk of asbestos, as well as minimise the potential of fibres becoming airborne, falls onto the building’s owner, managing agent or the appointed responsible person / duty holder. This does not necessarily mean that the asbestos needs to be removed. If you do not plan on any renovation work or construction on the building in question, asbestos can be assessed, and measures put in place to reduce the risks from asbestos becoming disturbed.

In any case, an asbestos survey Manchester will need to be undertaken by professionals. This comprehensive asbestos survey of your property will determine which areas contain asbestos, sampling of the material where it is accessible and an assessment of the condition, together with recommended actions for a safe asbestos management plan.  These recommendations should be followed in order to ensure asbestos compliance is met.

Should asbestos be removed?

Once the results of the asbestos testing is completed, there will be a clear outline of the requirements for the material to be removed or the steps to take to maintain the asbestos materials.

If the asbestos is deemed to be in good condition, it may be better to leave it in place if no major work is being done to the property that puts it at risk of being disturbed. If you are planning refurbishment works in the immediate future, then it is a much safer and recommended option to have the asbestos removed via professionals in asbestos removal services.

Don’t DIY

With asbestos being a highly dangerous material to your health, you should not undertake the removal of it by yourself. Who is responsible for asbestos removal? Your role as a duty holder / responsible person is to ensure a safe, secure, and professional asbestos removal Manchester is done when it comes to working with asbestos as set out by the Control Of Asbestos At Work Regulations 2012.

A professional job will require safety assessments and training to ensure everybody is safe and risks associated with the process are minimised. If you are conscious about asbestos within your property, contact the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions today for advice, asbestos surveying or removal works.

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