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Asbestos re-inspections / planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

When you are responsible for either communal spaces in residential properties or full commercial properties that were built before the turn of the millennium, you have a duty to manage any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that will be present within the building, in line with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regs 2012 (CAR 2012). This means asbestos re-inspection surveys are extremely important.

The reason being is that almost all buildings built before this time will have various forms of asbestos utilised in the construction – from ceilings to walls to insulation to floor coverings.


Whilst undisturbed ACMs are deemed safe as long as they remain in a good condition and are monitored for any changes. Any deterioration in condition needs recording and appropriate remedial measures taken to either remove or make the material safe.

To effectively manage ACMs within a property, an asbestos management survey will need to be commissioned to have a good understanding of the types of asbestos present, where it has been found and what condition the materials are in, which dictates what next steps need to be taken.

The purpose of an asbestos survey

An asbestos survey Manchester will initially record the presence of ACMs, their condition, extent, surface treatment (painted, un-sealed etc) and accessibility which determines the potential of disturbance. Asbestos can deteriorate over time and become disturbed as a result of general wear & tear, accidental damage or mis-management.

This can be because of the building changing its use, or the material can simply have been damaged during some form of work or incident. Other instances could result in the ACMs being partially removed by unknowing parties.

A regular asbestos re-inspection surveys of the ACMs within the property is required to identify if any ACM has experienced damage or is at immediate risk of being damaged. When this is the case, the asbestos survey Manchester will update the status and recommendation accordingly.

Importance of an asbestos re-inspection

The frequency of asbestos re-inspections is subject to risk assessed processes and typically depends on the location and accessibility, as well as its potential to become disturbed.

The importance of asbestos re-inspections is one of safety – ensuring that all ACMs remain in a solid, safe condition and are protected from any damage that would result in the release of hazardous fibres. If change is detected then the higher risk of fibre release puts occupants to the building at great risk.

Regular re-inspections demonstrate that the ACMs within the premises are being monitored and assessed, so that asbestos compliance is being addressed within the premises. Also, the duty holder / responsible person for asbestos requirements under CAR 2012 are being met, which ensures that the workplace is a safe environment for employees, visitors & building users.

The asbestos register needs to be constantly kept up to date following any changes to your building’s asbestos-containing materials following any re-inspections by asbestos removal services or any subsequent abatement works.

The work on any asbestos in the property needs to be undertaken by specialists in asbestos removal south Manchester, including all survey works and asbestos testing.

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