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Making asbestos safe in commercial buildings

Due to its extreme durability and resistance to a majority of chemical reactions and fire, asbestos was widely used in commercial and industrial buildings before 2000.

Wondering how to make asbestos safe?

If you are undertaking work on your commercial premises, it is advisable to ensure the condition checks & surveys for asbestos within the property are completed by a professional and trained individual/business. Disturbing or breaking off even the smallest piece of asbestos-containing materials can cause dust and debris to be released into the air.

If asbestos is left undamaged or undisturbed, it is generally considered safe.

Working with asbestos

It is extremely risky and unlawful to remove asbestos yourself, which is why a certified asbestos removal company that specialise in asbestos removal services are required to handle all aspects of asbestos removal south Manchester to make it either safe or conduct the removal of the asbestos present.

To manage the risks from asbestos in a commercial property, the duty holder has to undertake a sufficient risk & material assessment when determining whether asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are present in the building. If the assessment highlights that asbestos is present, a determination on the risk must be written identifying the parts of the property that are affected. This can include if the surface of the material is damaged, frayed or scratched, if any part has become detached or if sealants are peeling or breaking off.

Alongside this, detailed measures that need to be taken for managing the risk will be included in the assessment.


If you are unsure about the location of ACMs within your premises, you will require a suitably trained specialist to survey and identify the materials. This survey will not only detail the locations of ACMs but also non-asbestos building materials, which can be equally important.

The results of the asbestos survey Manchester will determine the types of asbestos present, where they are and their current condition.

Survey / re-inspection report

You need to keep accurate and updated records of any asbestos identified, its location and condition. The record needs to be simple and clear and always be available to ensure any work being undertaken is completed safely.

Storing the record electronically is an easier way for people to access the information and easier to update when required. This is a crucial step and ensures that any person who may disturb the fabric of the building knows where the ACMs are located and can take steps to avoid un-necessary exposure to asbestos.

Periodic inspections of the known ACMs form part of Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and are tasked with highlighting any condition changes in the asbestos materials. These inspections are commonly known as re-inspections or Planned Preventative Maintenance inspections (PPMs). These should be completed by trained and competent persons who understand the asbestos installations and the associated risks.

Everyone within the premises who may disturb the fabric of the building needs to be made aware of the asbestos presence and disturbance should be managed and asbestos removed when works dictate.

For more information on identifying asbestos-containing materials, how to make asbestos safe, and steps to take, contact the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions today – your expert voice in asbestos removal Manchester.

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