Asbestos exposure and the risk factors

As you may be aware from the various news outlets and safety information available, asbestos was used for centuries throughout construction, engineering and technical endeavours. It is therefore natural that many of us worry about accidental exposure. Those of us who occupy a house built in the 2000s have nothing to worry about, as asbestos was outlawed from use in construction in the UK in 1999. Whilst rogue asbestos is still out there and poses considerable risks, the vast majority of asbestos has been removed and safely disposed of. However, with the likelihood of asbestos exposure still a possibility in certain types of homes, let’s take a look at the main factors determining that likelihood and understand what puts you most at risk.


When judging how much risk is involved with asbestos, there are several things to weigh. The first is how much asbestos you have been exposed to.

If you have been undertaking some DIY touch-ups to the house and have unwittingly disturbed some asbestos-containing materials, the risk is relatively low. If the material has been damaged, crumbled or modified in any way through sawing, drilling or cutting, then the risk gets much higher. The risk gets reduced by wearing protective clothing such as gloves and a face mask, though it is recommended that an expert asbestos removal company take care of anything that is confirmed as asbestos.


The big question with asbestos exposure is how long you have been exposed to it. Short-term exposure is classed as lower in risk as the effects of asbestos are cumulative, building up over time.

Repeated exposure in small doses is more likely to bring a multitude of medical problems later in life. If you regularly work in an environment where asbestos exposure is commonplace, you are at a significantly higher risk than someone who occasionally visits the premises or encounters asbestos during a DIY situation.


There is a correlation between people who smoke and the increased likelihood of developing asbestos-related illnesses or diseases. The damage done to lungs through smoking is exacerbated by asbestos fibres – and vice versa.

When you combine excessive smoking with asbestos exposure, your chances of developing terminal illnesses such as lung cancer are greatly increased.

Asbestos Type

There are 6 main types of asbestos but the most commonly used in the UK are chrysotile (white) asbestos, amosite (brown) asbestos and crocidolite (blue asbestos).

White asbestos is the most common, recognised and understood of all asbestos types and the most widely studied and used. It is considered dangerous, whilst the other 5 asbestos types are considered even more lethal towards general health.

No exposure to asbestos is ever considered 100% safe, so if you are ever in doubt it is recommended that you contact asbestos removal services to conduct asbestos surveying and removal to be sure.

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