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Safely removing asbestos

Asbestos is a group of highly hazardous minerals that, when exposed to their microscopic fibres, can cause detrimental health conditions such as lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. This is why it is extremely important to hire a professional, as they are qualified in safely removing asbestos the correct way.

Many instances of exposure have come from efforts to remove asbestos without attention to the danger or contamination effects.These potentially fatal illnesses are brought on by inhaling the microscopic fibres invisible to the naked eye. They attach to the lungs and are unmoveable, scarring your lung tissue, causing asbestosis and complicating your breathing.

Asbestosis is a serious issue, affecting decades of workers, their family members and those who live close to properties with exposed asbestos materials.

Consider this when discovering asbestos

If you discover what you believe to be asbestos in your property, you stop and think before you attempt to disturb it. Ask yourself if it looks like it is in good condition.

Most of the time asbestos is detected, it remains in a solid condition – meaning you should leave it alone. A professional asbestos removal company can undertake an asbestos survey Manchester to determine the type, amount and condition of the asbestos to help you formulate an asbestos management plan. That will also help you determine if the asbestos needs to be removed – whether through any damage or disturbance or any potential construction or renovation work you are planning for your property.

If it does need removing, you are legally bound to have a professional asbestos removal company undertake the highly-dangerous work.

Do not do this

Whatever you do, do not use any power tools, sanding disks, compressed air or high-pressure equipment in your areas where asbestos is present or suspected. These are some of the reasons for asbestos being disturbed and susbequent potential exposure.

When working with asbestos, asbestos testing and removal have to be conducted in a structured, safe and controlled manner in order to limit the risk of asbestos exposure and asbetsos spread.

It requires personal protective equipment (PPE) consisting of overboots, asbestos coveralls, valved dust masks and gloves. Experts in safely removing asbestos come equipped with all PPE and specialist equipment to safely contain or remove hazardous materials, posing no risk to you or the public.

Asbestos removal Stockport is not something taken lightly. It needs to be done professionally and with full mitigation of risk. For more information on how to safely remove asbestos-containing materials, contact the expert team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions today

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