Removing domestic garages with asbestos present

Many older homes in the UK have detached garages within the garden with either an asbestos cement roof or asbestos cement roof and also walls.  These garages tend to not get used for storage of cars anymore and many people are instead opting to utilise them for either general storage or as a dumping ground for unwanted household & garden items. These asbestos garages can pose a serious risk to users from any disturbed or damaged asbestos in the structure, and therefore require professional domestic asbestos removal.

The other type of garages with potential for asbestos problems are integral/integrated garages, where they form part of the house.  There is generally a straight access route into the garage from the main part of the house (usually the kitchen/utility space) and the ceilings can be either asbestos cement or asbestos insulating board (AIB).  It is generally difficult to tell these apart so they present a different problems.

Here we present a case study on how to approach the safe removal of ACMs in these structures.


Homes with garages built pre-2000 may contain some elements of asbestos within their construction. Asbestos cement sheets used in the construction of garages tend to have an overall lifespan of 25-30 years, meaning that by 2021 they will be past their best lifespan.

The risk of exposure when domestic garages are utilised for storage can come from crumbling cement walls due to age and leaks in the roof which can deteriorate the condition of the walls or shelving fixtures which can become unattached from the walls and cause some damage.

As detached asbestos garages are no longer the main use for storing cars, they are viewed as something that is taking up considerable garden space for modern living requirements. Removal is now advised when deterioration or damage occurs but the removal of cement structures poses considerable risk of exposure due to damage.


Removal of cement structures and disturbed asbestos-containing materials should not be undertaken by individuals who do not have the correct training, expertise and equipment.

The unspecialised removal of any asbestos-containing materials without training is not only high risk for personal exposure but also potential exposure to your family and the public.

The work involved in the safe removal of a domestic garage is required to be undertaken by a professional, insured and competent specialist for all aspects of the job at hand.


Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions have completed many controlled and safe removals of asbestos from domestic garages, as well as including the full removal of the structural concrete walls, framework and any doors/windows. To undertake these works, several steps are generally taken to ensure a safe working and correct control measures for removal and disposal of the materials.

1. Asbestos survey/sampling

Before any demolition work is undertaken, a thorough asbestos survey or material sampling will determine the amount and type of asbestos within the garage. As there is a legal requirement to remove all asbestos materials before demolition work, it must be surveyed/assessed to identify any asbestos before any work commences and if it is already disturbed or not.

2. Bulk sampling & analysis

Identifying the presence and type of asbestos present within the intended demolition project is determined through laboratory analysis. Sample results can be supplied as a bulk analysis report.

This is especially important in integrated garages as differences in the removal processes and also costs of asbestos cement removal vs. AIB removal are massive.  A sampling of a garage ceiling is very strongly recommended.

3. Asbestos removal planning

With the results identifying the volume and types of asbestos present within the structure and its condition, the team at Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions will then discuss and plan out the next course of action for its safe and controlled removal. This can range from a roof removal and full clean down to a full garage removal, including sectional concrete garage removal, down to the concrete base/slab.

4. Asbestos removal

As HSE guidelines dictate that the use of a professional is the safest option for asbestos removal operations, Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions are fully insured and trained to handle the entire operation. Sticking to a detailed safety plan, the team will operate with correct personal protective equipment (PPE), including respiratory protective equipment (RPE), to protect against breathing in asbestos dust or having it present on clothing when leaving the work area. Specialist equipment will be used as detailed in the planning documents in line with the requirement and condition of asbestos within the property. Containment of all hazardous asbestos waste will be held in labelled disposal bags/polythene wraps ready for waste disposal.

5. Asbestos disposal

As an upper-tier hazardous waste carrier, Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions transport all hazardous waste from the project themselves for disposal at an approved waste site. Waste consignment notes are provided to clients for each job along with a completion document containing all information on the work undertaken to complete the project – the completion document is a process that is uncommon in the asbestos industry and sets Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions apart from others.

By providing waste consignment notes, the client is made aware of where the hazardous waste from their property has been properly disposed of and not left for the attention of local authorities in the event of fly-tipping for example.


Safe removal of domestic garages requires professional asbestos services from the initial planning stages to eliminate the risks of exposure to asbestos-containing materials. It may cost you money but it is the only way to prevent exposure to this hazardous material.

By conducting investigation, analysis and planning, the secure removal and disposal of asbestos can be completed.  Using a fully insured, compliant and trained service provider, the removal of domestic garages with the asbestos present can be done professionally and safely and can provide peace of mind that the asbestos has been dealt with correctly.

Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions is an experienced and skilled professional service that prides itself on the level of service and standards of work.  We have completed many controlled and safe asbestos removal projects for domestic garages and are happy to quote for any sized project.

For asbestos removal in South Manchester or domestic asbestos removal services, contact the team today!

What our clients have to say…

“Jim provided a fantastic service. Friendly, quick, non-disruptive work. Good turnaround on receiving the sample report too”

“Asbestos survey – Jim did a very thorough job. Kept us updated right through the visit with an initial view, and then supplied an in depth report after. Very pleasant person to deal with. Overall, very pleased with the service.”

“Really friendly professional service with very quick response time. The work was carried out to a high standard, at a very good price, within two days of enquiry. I would definitely recommend this company.”

“Jordan and Jim did an excellent job of demolishing our garage, including the safe removal of the asbestos roof. Their work was tidy and controlled, with no impact on any surrounding hedges, plants, etc.

All in all they ticked every box.”

“Jim and his team were very professional, courteous and helpful throughout the whole process. They worked very hard to meet our tight timelines and did a great job. I would highly recommend Grosvenor Asbestos to anyone requiring asbestos services.”

“Had a survey done. All work and results back before a new week. Very prompt, efficient and quick service. Absolutely recommend this company.”

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