Asbestos is a hazardous material that was commonly used in construction and insulation before its dangers were truly realised. Many older homes and buildings may still contain asbestos, including in the insulation in garages. If you have a garage that was built before 1999, it is possible that it contains asbestos insulation. If that is the case, it is important to hire a professional in garage asbestos removal to remove the asbestos rather than attempting to do it yourself.


Our Service

At Grosvenor Asbestos Solutions, we specialise in the secure removal and proper disposal of asbestos products found in residential garage structures. Our comprehensive and efficient asbestos removal system is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they require roof removal or complete garage structure removal.

Our process begins with the careful removal of asbestos, which is then sealed in secure bags. We follow this up with a thorough cleaning of the area to ensure safety. If necessary, we can fully deconstruct garages, providing disposal services for non-hazardous structure materials. This not only creates a clean base but also frees up significant garden space, allowing our clients to plan and implement garden alterations.

Our experienced team is well-equipped to handle asbestos removal from integrated garages, particularly those containing asbestos insulating boards (AIB). We understand the importance of proper planning and execution to ensure the safe removal of AIB during home modifications and renovations.

With a strong track record of satisfied customers, we take pride in delivering expert workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Contct our team today for asbestos removal stockport.

 Get in touch with a member of the team today and feel assured that you are dealing with professionals in safety and asbestos compliance when it comes to any level of asbestos risk.

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