Asbestos surveying & bulk sampling

Survey Types

We complete all of our asbestos surveying in line with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance, HSG264 Asbestos: The survey guide.  We offer the following types of asbestos survey:

  • Asbestos management survey
  • Localised asbestos refurbishment survey
  • Full asbestos refurbishment or demolition survey
  • Asbestos bulk sampling

Tailored Service

We want to ensure you get the correct service for your project so these are some of the features of our surveying and reporting:

  • We can make our surveys fit your project size and project requirements.
  • We offer a thorough and efficient asbestos surveying service across all business sectors from commercial through to domestic.
  • Easy to understand survey reports that are not filled with information that will baffle you.
  • Useful report content for your project, no matter how large or small.
  • Easy to understand report recommendations.
  • One-stop shop for asbestos surveys, recommendations and asbestos removal.

One-stop Shop

We provide an asbestos service that complements our other business streams.  We offer a one-stop-shop for our clients that helps to minimise the need to employ different companies for different aspects of asbestos works.

  • We survey your premises
  • Supply the correct asbestos report
  • Offer practical solutions to ensure compliance
  • Quote for the removal or make-safe works.

Through our years in asbestos consultancy, we pride ourselves in giving correct guidance and we do not over-recommend or generate work through incorrect recommendations. We pride ourselves in being different and telling it ‘how it is’.

What survey type is best for you?

Moving house? Need to know whether there is asbestos present in your new home?

An asbestos management survey is for you.

Managing asbestos in commercial premises and need to know where the asbestos is?

An asbestos management survey is for you.

Refurbishing or extending your house? Altering your commercial premises?

A localised asbestos refurbishment survey is for you.

Demolishing all or part of a structure?

An asbestos demolition survey is for you.

Do you just need to know what a suspected material is?

Asbestos bulk sampling is the one for you.

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