Garage Removal

Whilst you may feel that an exterior building poses no risk to your house, the hazardous release of fibres into the air poses a significant threat. Like any work done on your house, a garage that requires removal also requires our certified asbestos handling professionals to inspect, ascertain and remove all dangerous materials before its demolition.

  • Asbestos is removed first and securely bagged, followed by a full clean of the area.
  • Garages can be fully deconstructed if required and we provide disposal of non-hazardous structure materials to provide a clean base. This frees up large areas of garden space and allows for garden alternation planning.
  • Roofing can be replaced by our team with modern roofing products.
  • Our team removes asbestos within integrated garages to suit home modifications/renovations. Integrated asbestos is known to house asbestos insulating boards (AIB) that require special planning to remove safely.
  • Our many satisfied customers testify to the expertise and attention to detail undertaken in completing this level of work.



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